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Hospital Facilities

Motherhood Ayurveda Medical College

Hospital Facilities

Motherhood Ayurveda Medical College

For the training of the students and treatment of patients , O P D’s of all clinical departments exist in the hospital well equipped with 100 bedded Hospital where patients of various disorders are managed with ayurvedic therapy by specialist of distinguish fields . A well equipped Operation Theatre labour Room , pathological Lab , X Ray , E.E.G , E C G , kshar sutra clinic and pancha –karma clinic ,render services facilitate to the patients.

Patients of various chronic ailments like Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis , Gouty Arthriti, Asthma and bronchial Allergy , Ascites, Diabetes , Intestinal Disorder , Liver Diseases , Heart Diseases , Epilepsy Mal- nutrition related diseases of the children , Infertlity , skin disorders, Leucorrhoea and order gynaecological diseases , Fracture and dislocation , Fistula in Ano , Fissure in ano , Piles , Anal Prolapse ,chronic Ulcers , Urinary disorders , musculo skeletall disorders and autoimmune diseases etc are managed effectively with Ayurvedic management.


College has a rich herbal garden where in more than 250 medical plants are available for identification,training and research.


Institute has its own Pharmacy


College has a rich library with more than 4053 books on various subjects.


An old Museum With preserved with wild animals and rare medicinal plants is the attraction of the institute.


College has its own fully equipped Auditorium with 150 sitting capacity , where in various events are organized from time to time.